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Real Men Love Cats: Navy Veteran and State Parole Agent Jack Leonard

Animal Friends Blogspot/Jeff Geissler/Communications Assistant

If you think only wimpy men love cats, then we triple-dog-dare you to say that to Jack Leonard!

This highly-devoted Volunteer Cat Handler for Animal Friends served in the Navy and worked as a state parole agent for 20 years. He was the lawman who tracked down the nasty convicts and crooks who broke parole.

He’s retired from chasing bandits, but is still active with law enforcement. He trains Allegheny County Police Cadets defense tactics and subject control. In other words, he teaches the cops how to overpower the bad guys.

And when he’s not teaching heroes how to handcuff hooligans, you’ll find him waving a feather toy in front of our fluffy feline residents.

“I’ve had enough of dealing with people and problems,” the strapping gentleman said through his deep voice.

When he’s not here at Animal Friends, you’ll probably find him with his cat Remy - named after Remy McSwain, the fictional detective from the tv show The Big Easy.

Jack Leonard, the self-described “Man with Two First Names,” still serves and protects our community, but you might find a kitty treat or squeaky toy in his arsenal.

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